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The World War Two Living History Project (WW2LHP) is an ongoing high school educational project designed to collect and disseminate the personal histories of the World War II generation. We are located in upstate New York.

 The project was born in the late 1980s when a Hudson Falls High School history teacher began to send questionnaires home with students who had grandparents who served in WWII. As the years passed, fewer and fewer questionnaires would be returned as the WW II generation began to pass away, and with them, their stories.  Around the same time, the World Wide Web was quickly developing and technology resources were becoming available for use in educational settings. Thus, the WW2LHP was born. We encourage you to read the rationale , "REMEMBER", here.

"Now look at what youíve learned today. Youíll never find it in a book anyplace." 

wpe1.jpg (19125 bytes)Inside you will find several hundred pages of original interviews, as well as Phil Marino's bullet ridden Chesterfields

"You know, I have never talked with a person about this at all. I know itís gone past. I think that I was lucky to get home. There are a lot of my friends over there...who didnít make it. I just feel sorry for them..." -Chester Ross, 2001

wpe4.jpg (19144 bytes)


Poster from World War II Posters Collection, Northwestern University Library.



Mission of the Hudson Falls High School

World War II Living History Project


Connect: todayís high school students with the World War II generation

Collect: conduct and transcribe interviews with World War II veterans

Preserve: record the stories in print, electronic and digital format

Educate: make the story of World War II come alive for future generations



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