Kindergarten Center Frequently Asked Questions

When will I know who my child’s teacher is and what supplies I’ll need?
We will send out student/teacher placements in the first week of September. A suggested list of supplies will go out then as well, but like other years, the school will supply any required supplies for you.

What will be the start and end times of school?

Students are allowed in the building beginning at 8:45 am. The late bell rings at 9:10 am as usual. Parent Pickup begins at 2:45 pm at the doors outside the cafeteria.  Bus dismissal follows shortly afterward.

Can you better explain how the teachers will move around from a student’s point of view?
A student will go to his classroom like any other year. Rather than the student moving around the building, the staff will move to the students. Half the day will be spent with the traditional classroom teacher and the other half with a specialist teacher- whether art or music or PE or other. Whether with the classroom teacher or the supporting specialist, your student will get what they always do- ELA, math, social studies, science. There will be movement breaks and playgrounds. In short, we aim to make the day as similar as possible to what you’ve always loved about your district.

What will be required of my student on Friday, am I timebound by the school day, even if they are home?
There will be a required attendance check-in during the school day on Friday, yes. Any school work will be on-demand on your time.

Can you tell me a bit about recess and the playgrounds?
We will have recess in a way that is safe for students as staffing allows. The playgrounds will be available for use. Of course, we will have to maintain our masks or social distancing.

Is there going to be some allowance for movement breaks?
Yes, absolutely.

If some classrooms move to another building, can I make sure my family stays together?
As we have our staffing and students set, we don’t foresee a need to move any grades to other buildings.

I would like to know how many children will be in the classroom.
NY allows one student for every 20 square feet of classroom space. Most of our classrooms are 660 square feet. Despite this allowance, we are only putting 12 desks in an ordinary classroom.