Middle School Frequently Asked Questions

When will I know which hybrid group I’m in?
Hybrid teachers will be mailed home by Friday, September 4th.

What will be the start and end times of school?


  • Masks must be worn at all times
  • Upon arrival at the MS, students will remain on buses until 7:30 am. 
  • Upon release from busses, 6th Grade students should locate and meet with their Home Base teacher who will then take them to class 
  • Upon release from busses, 7th & 8th Grade students will report directly to their Home Base.
  • Students arriving by car or foot can begin arriving at 7:37 am.


  • Students will be dismissed at 2:18 pm and board their buses.
  • Buses will leave the front circle at approximately 2:25 pm. Cars may not enter the front circle until the busses have exited.

Can I arrange for my carpool families to have the same pairs of days?
Yes, we will do all we can to accommodate specific scheduling requests made by August 28.

What are the kids going to be allowed to do at recess with all the restrictions can they even hang out together outside?
Students will be asked to social distance when outside for recess.