Talking HF Tigers 9/30

Tiger spirit is heating up as we roll into the fall.

All-school meetings at the Kindergarten Center and Primary School, as well as the College Caravan lining a high school hallway are further evidence of our return to normal. These were also great opportunities this past week to capture student’s perspectives on safety, respect, and their futures. Normally you would have a video from me this week but I thought  Primary students were able to say it much better than I, talking about respect.

  • Don’t put your tummy on the swing.” Kindergarten student
  • Respect is caring about other people’s feelings .. you show respect by helping someone when they need help.” Primary student
  • “What’s the tuition? Where are you located? Can I bring my bearded dragon to the dorm with me?” Multiple seniors heard at college information tables.

Thinking About College as an Option?

Our seniors, with an eye toward their future, walked from booth-to-booth Sept. 29 at the College Caravan. Armed with prepared questions and their own, students are being practical about costs as well as finding an environment that will meet their educational and personal needs. Eighteen higher education programs were represented.

I hope there are some great conversations at home this weekend about what your student learned, thought, and experienced. For our families of younger students, the “college caravan” can start now. Talking with your student casually and frequently about their hopes, dreams, and goals. And ask our staff questions on how we can guide your student’s course selections as they enter 6th grade and beyond to ensure they are understanding their options.

From the Minds and Mouths of our Youngest: Safety and Respect

The videos narrated by our own students used to present the topics of safety and respect at the KC and PS all-school meetings were priceless. Kindergartners define safety in far more everyday language. However, please take a moment to scroll through our Districtwide 2022-23 Safety Plan. It is important that we all understand the steps that will be taken in order to respond to a safety issue. Students at the Primary School Explore Respect also break down the topic into the simplest of terms and will certainly make you smile.

Capital Project: Bids will be Awarded During Special BOE Meeting

The Board of Education will hold a special meeting Tuesday, Oct. 4 to award bids for our $16.7 million capital project. The project needed to be adjusted due to substantial cost increases that occurred in the last two years, but we will be able to address many of the large items initially targeted. We look forward to providing some more specifics next week as we aim to make improvements for our students, parents, faculty, and staff!


Another Round of Our Newest Team Tiger Family Members

Each week this fall we are introducing you to a group of our newest Team Tiger family members. This week please welcome:

Jenna Manzo, Jennifer Gaulin, Mike Vargues, Chris Doody, and Katie Dion.

Want to know which of these individuals spends a whole weekend each year baking cookies? Or who would like to visit every sports venue across the country? Read more here!

Tiger Tuesdays

This past Tuesday we saw our first #TigerTuesday, and the Tiger mascot made appearances at the High and Intermediate schools. The Tiger spirit and resulting photos were fantastic and if you check out our Facebook page (all photos), Instagram, Twitter, and website you can view those Tiger smiles and pride. 

We encourage ALL of our students to wear green and white every Tuesday, and Middle School and Primary School students should be on the alert for a Tiger on the loose in their buildings this coming #TigerTuesday.

Have a great weekend, 

Dan Ward, Superintendent

Photo collage of IS and HS students with the tiger mascot