A Special Message From Superintendent Ward

Tiger Community, 

I have been made aware that The Post Star is planning to run a story based on an anonymous online petition that was created and circulated on a platform called “change.org.”  The petition makes some serious allegations concerning how some items are handled in our high school.

There have been no concerns of this nature or magnitude brought forward in the two months that have passed since Mrs. Hogan was announced as our new principal. Her appointment was overwhelmingly supported by the two large interview committees which were composed of students, parents, community members, support staff, teachers and administrators.  Additionally, in my time working at Hudson Falls I have found Mrs. Hogan to be a dedicated educator that works tirelessly to support a safe and welcoming school environment. 

The high school administration and I take the allegations seriously, and have spent many hours since the petition was posted trying to work through them with the limited details provided.  My office has reached out to the individuals that provided their names when they signed or commented on the petition in hopes of scheduling private, confidential meetings to discuss the concerns in detail.  In addition to those named on the petition, individuals with information related to the allegations are encouraged to contact my office. As this matter involves claims and allegations related to specific employees and specific students, it is wholly improper for me or District employees to speak or comment about them publicly.

I look forward to addressing the concerns alleged on the petition and returning our focus to providing everyone in our school community a welcoming and positive reopening.  Again, if students and parents have specific concerns related to the allegations included on the petition I encourage them to contact my office directly at 518-681-4124 to set up a time to meet.


Daniel A. Ward

Superintendent of Schools

Hudson Falls Central School District

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