HFCSD protocol for returning to work/school after a COVID-19 test

Symptomatic individuals will be isolated and dismissed for further evaluation by a medical provider to include testing for Covid-19.

    1. All household contacts, siblings, will be isolated and dismissed until results of a COVID test on the symptomatic individual are known. 
    2. Other symptomatic individuals who have negative screening are a low-risk probability. They should be isolated and dismissed for evaluation and testing like high-risk individuals. It is recommended that household contacts and siblings also be isolated and sent home until results of a COVID test on the symptomatic individual are known, however, the classroom and staff do not have to be isolated or dismissed unless the COVID results are positive.

If the medical provider is unable to order a COVID test or the student does not have a medical provider, the school medical director or designee will work in obtaining testing or referral to a site where the individual can be both evaluated and tested.

Blood antibody testing or home tests at this time are not acceptable to be used in determining acute infection. 

Positive COVID PCR (swab) Test Results:

In the event an individual tests positive, the school COVID resource person will work with Washington County Public Health in tracking and tracing within the school. Washington County Public Health will contact the student(s), parents/guardians, or staff to perform contact tracing. 

Washington County Public Health will notify HFCSD for collaboration with contact tracing and to identify close contacts. 

Close contacts include persons within 6 ft. or less and for more than 10 minutes.  Contact tracers may also consider duration and proximity of contact and other criteria in determining close contacts. 

Washington County Public Health determines who is considered a close contact of the positive individual. 

A close contact will be quarantined for 14 days from the date of last exposure, advised to monitor for symptoms, and recommend getting a diagnostic test 5 days or more after exposure. 

Contacts to positive cases can return to school after a 14 – day quarantine period.  You will be released from quarantine by Washington County Public Health to return to your school building. 

Washington County Public Health will provide the individual with a release to return to their educational building. A copy of the release will need to be provided to HFCSD in order to return. 

If residual post-infection symptoms persist, then an evaluation by their primary provider will also be necessary with a written statement that the individual is not currently contagious along with a treatment plan for residual symptoms. 

Positive student or staff will be isolated for a minimum of 10 days from symptom onset. In order to return to school, the positive individual must be fever free for 3 days without the use of fever-reducing medication, have a medical note to return to school along with a release from isolation from Washington County Public Health. 

Returning After a Negative COVID PCR (swab) Test Result:

For students and staff who are tested but PCR test (swab) is negative, they can return to their educational building when they are:

  • Asymptomatic 
  • Fever free x 3 days without fever-reducing medication
  • Diagnosis of another medical condition and have a clearance note to return from a medical provider along with a 
  • Copy of negative Covid-19 test results.