Food For Thought

The issue of childhood hunger is one that is prevalent in the United States. 62% of  teachers say children in their classrooms are coming to school hungry and 20% of those  families are not eligible for government assistance. This leaves our educators cash  strapped and burdened with providing whatever they can to help. 

Inspired and started by Kelly Stevens, a teacher’s aide at Kensington Road Elementary  School and together with O’Brien’s Angels, we have initiated a snack program called  Food For Thought. Food For Thought is an initiative that gets food to those who need it  in our local school districts. Ms. Stevens says, “Sometimes they forget, and other times  parents can’t afford to send in a snack. Last year a girl who is considered homeless  stopped bringing a snack and kept asking me for one. I would get her one. My daughter  Emma caught on and made a snack pack bag for her. We posted about it with a photo not thinking it would go anywhere and a bunch of friends signed up to  make a bag for her every week.” Now multiple schools throughout Warren and  Washington Counties receive shipments of snacks on a regular basis, provided by Food  For Thought. 

We would love your help in keeping Food For Thought going! The current need is approximately 11,000 snacks per month, in 14 local districts including Hudson Falls. We proudly accept all donations at O’Brien Insurance Agency, 83 Bay St in Glens Falls or Hilltop Construction, 21 Casey Rd, Queensbury. 

Some good ideas for snacks are bags of pretzels and goldfish, granola bars, and applesauce pouches. Monetary donations made payable to O’Brien’s Angels are also accepted. 

We are hoping that the community and organization’s would be willing to donate and/or host a snack drive. This would be a great thing for a club, athletic team, etc. to participate in. We also have a wish list on Amazon, you can order and it ships direct to us!

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Thank You, 

April Washburn 

Organizer for Food For Thought