Hudson Falls UPK to Offer Full Day

Dear Hudson Falls UPK Eligible Families,

The New York State Education Department Office of Early Learning, which controls funding for the UPK programming here in the district, recently provided new information on the district’s eligibility for those funds. As a result of this information, we are compelled to move to a new programming format in a portion of our UPK classrooms. 

We will be having full day programming in two classrooms for the 2024-25 school year.

The following information represents a non-inclusive list of details about full day programming:

  • There will be 36 full day programming student slots, with a teacher and assistant working with up to 18 students in each classroom. 
  • Students in full day programming will report to school at 8:45 AM and be dismissed starting after 3 PM, on the regular school day schedule.
  • Students can be transported via bus on the regular school day schedule.
  • Students will be provided breakfast and lunch daily.
  • Our program (speech, OT, PT, and SEIT) can provide related services through the county.
  • Students in full day programming will have recess, a “special” such as physical education, art, library class or music class daily and a rest period as needed.
  • In order to be placed in a full-day student slot, students must be placed in a full day lottery by registering families.

Our traditional half day programming will continue to run in the other UPK classrooms, as it has in recent years. The following is a non-inclusive list of details about half day programming:

  • Each of our classrooms is staffed with a certified teacher and classroom assistant.  
  • For half day programming, the morning program is from 8:45-11:30, and the afternoon program is from 12:45-3:15.  
  • Transportation is provided to and from the program.
  • Snack is provided daily to students in the classroom.
  • Our program (speech, OT, PT, and SEIT) can provide related services.

As all students registered to this point were slated for half day student slots, parents can elect to have the students remain in half day programming. Students that do not receive a full day slot in the lottery may still attend half day programming.

Full Day Lottery

Families can enter the lottery for a spot in full day programming by responding to the Google Poll included with this correspondence.

Only one entry will be accepted per child, and all duplicates will be removed. Based on the number of families interested in full day programming vs. the number of available full day UPK spots, entered children’s names will be placed into a lottery selection process. 

Hudson Falls Central School uses a lottery procedure that randomly selects students for full day programming. There are 36 full day UPK spots available in 2 sections in 2 classrooms (2 other classrooms hold sections of half day programming)  for the fall 2024 program at the Hudson Falls Kindergarten Center building.

Per the Hudson Falls procedures, available seats will be filled as follows:

  1. All registered students will be assigned a number.
  2. These numbers are then placed in the Random Sequence Generator to establish placement. The Hudson Falls Central School uses
  3. If a set of twins or multiples is entered into the lottery, they will be entered separately.  If one twin is selected, the other twin or multiples will also be placed in the program.  There is one exception to this rule:  If a twin is selected as #36, that child’s twin will be the first student on the waitlist at #37.  Families can decide what their plans will be.
  4. Children will be announced in order until all spots are filled. 
  5. Parents will receive notice of acceptance if their child is selected for the full day UPK placements. 
  6. Any child after the initial 36 spots will receive notice of declination and your child’s placement on the waitlist for a full day placement.

Registrations preferring full day programming will continue to be accepted via open enrollment; those children will be placed on a waitlist. If spots become available due to movement or unenrollment, the Hudson Falls  will proceed down the waitlist to place children. 

Registrants requesting full day programming must indicate through the poll below by Friday July 26, 2024. The lottery will be completed the following week, with notice given to families receiving full day classroom slots as soon as possible thereafter.

Current UPK Student Parent Poll (Google Form Completion)

As a parent of a student enrolling for the 2024-25 school year, please respond to the following poll to help the district develop our UPK class rosters and programming. We will still have all four of our teachers and assistants in four classrooms, with two classrooms of full day programming offering 36 student slots and two classrooms of half day programming offering 72 student slots. 


Your response must be entered via the QR code below for completion of this poll.

Which format of programming would you prefer for your child’s upcoming UPK year?

☐ Half Day Program as already scheduled with the option to attend AM or PM.

☐ Full Day Program including transportation and accommodating up to 36 students, resulting in a lottery for only the full day slots in those two classrooms. Students would attend the full school day from 8:45 AM – 3:35 PM and be served breakfast and lunch. By choosing this option, your name will be entered into the lottery for a full day slot.

Please use the QR code below to complete our poll via Google Forms, and thank you for your input!


If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out by calling the Kindergarten Center (518) 681-4500 



Michael McTague                                         Melissa Whitman

Principal                                                            Assistant Principal