Hudson Falls Voters Pass 2023-24 Budget and Propositions

May 16, 2023 – Hudson Falls, N.Y. –   Hudson Falls residents approved the district’s $53 million budget for the 2023-24 school year by a vote of 260 to 60. The results show 81.25 % of voters supported the budget.

The approved budget has a growth of 8.48%, but with no tax levy increase to our community members. Our spending in the 23-24 school year focuses on students reaching reading level in elementary and middle school, before reaching high school; more opportunities for students to earn credits before starting high school; and increasing options for students in the arts.

“The successful passing of the budget by Hudson Falls CSD voters is a testament to our community’s support for providing all our students an opportunity to learn and grow,” said Superintendent Dan Ward. “On behalf of the Board of Education, administration, faculty, staff, and students I would like to provide my sincerest thanks to our voters for the overwhelming support.”

By a vote of 255 to 66, voters passed a $450,000 proposition to purchase three school buses and three passenger vans. Residents were also asked to consider a proposition to further fund the capital reserve account with an additional $150,000 for future capital projects. The measure passed 268 to 50.

Additionally, voters were asked to vote on an Energy Performance Contract (EPC), which allows schools to make energy-efficient improvements without the need for increased taxes. It passed 290 to 32.

Voters elected both Bryan Steele and Megan Borlang to serve on the Board of Education for five-year terms.

Mr. Steele ran unopposed and was elected to his third term. Mrs. Borlang ran unopposed for the seat held by Mark Galough, who did not seek re-election.