Interim Superintendent Jon Hunter Last Day Message

Hello Tiger Community!

We hope you are excited to rest, refresh, and spend some well-earned time with your friends and family over the next two months. 

But before we close out the 2020-21 school year, I wanted to share with you some of the good news that’s been happening around our halls over the past few weeks.

First up, a big shout-out to our Pre-k teachers, who still managed to make the yearly sing-along happen for parents. As with most things this year, it was done virtually. If you’d like to take a watch, check out the AM and PM classes on our YouTube channel.

Next, I’ve loved seeing all of the special days our Primary School staff have created for our students all month long. Check out our album on Instagram if you’d like to see the recent 80’s day! I know I found a few familiar styles amongst the kids!

In our Intermediate School, I loved being able to see all of our 5th-grade students across the stage and graduate from elementary school! If you’d like to watch, we’ve got each class on a single page on our website.

In Middle School, our media club has been bringing the news of the school in a very visually appealing way.  They put the finishing touches on their 10th edition and published it just before the end of school. Way to go Media Club!

And finally, we wanted to recognize the great work of the Class of 2021 in the high school. I was so proud to be a part of our Honors Graduates assembly, where we recognized all the students who have maintained at least a 90% GPA over their entire school career!

In addition, I encourage all of you to watch the live stream of our graduation ceremony from Saturday, June 26th. We are excited to gather all 136 of our graduating seniors in one place, to salute all they have accomplished over this past few years.

My work as Interim Superintendent is completed on June 30. For sure, Hudson Falls is a special place.  And, for sure as a school District, we have all the right pieces in place for continuous improvement.   You have a smart and hard-working Board of Education.  You have a passionate core of faculty and staff that puts first teaching, learning, and supporting students.  You have a leadership team that is driven and focused and a strong leader in Dan Ward coming onboard.  

My wish for you is to enjoy what makes you special but continue to grow and become the very best for our students.

Sincerely, Jon Hunter, (soon to be former!) Interim Superintendent