Intermediate School Receives “Hot” Science Lesson

September 20, 2023 – Hudson Falls, N.Y. — Students at the Hudson Falls Intermediate School started their Wednesday off with a unique science lesson. B.J. Sullivan, a 2004 graduate of Hudson Falls High School, came back to the school he once attended to show off his hot air balloon. 

The blue, white and purple balloon was inflated and stood up, and from the basket Sullivan spoke about the history of ballooning and the science that makes it all possible. Air density was the key message for the elementary students. “Warm air inside the balloon becomes less dense than the outside air allowing it to float”, proclaimed Mr. Sullivan.

Students were then allowed to ask questions that ranged from how tall the balloon is (40-50 feet), to what it was like to have Mr. Kugler, who Sullivan also had as a fifth grade teacher. The balloon never actually took flight but the students were encouraged to attend the 50th anniversary of The Adirondack Balloon Festival to see the hot air balloons fly. The Adirondack Balloon Festival kicks off Thursday evening in Glens Falls at Crandall Park.