Intermediate School Student Quarantine

5th Grade Parents and Members of the Intermediate School Community:

We have received word that an individual in the Intermediate School community has tested positive for COVID-19.

In this exceptional case, the majority of students in grade five were exposed to this individual on two days during the week of October 11th. While we cannot share the individual’s identity due to HIPAA, based on the contact tracing of this event these exposed students will be quarantined for a period determined by Washington County Public Health. Automated calls from the district are going out to let families know of quarantine necessity and length.

The affected students will be logging on with their Chromebooks to virtual instruction during that period. Students should log on to their Chromebooks at the normal start of the school day for further instruction from their teachers.

Please know that these decisions come from Washington County Health in an effort to assure the health and safety of students attending our school.

Please continue to monitor students subject to quarantine for symptoms, and please contact the school health office with information on any COVID-related testing.

And as always, if there is any concern regarding your student’s health and safety here at school or on school transportation, please contact the main office.

Thank you,

Michael McTague

Click to access Parent-Letter-Student-Quarantine-IS-October-18-2021.pdf