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Tiger Tales News from the Intermediate School
Volume 24, Number 8

Information on Reopening

As the federal and state governments grapple with the challenges brought by the coronavirus or COVID-19, we continue to utilize each piece of guidance to determine the best course of action for the district. We will certainly be updating community members as guidance informs these decisions. Our district website will have updates.

Although there is no firm plan on reopening schools and resuming programming as of yet, we hope to develop a plan as soon as possible.  

Playground and Facilities Remain Closed

With the facilities closed down at this point, the building and grounds of each campus (apart from the Primary School parking lot for meal pickups) are not open to any individuals. As with our reopening schedule, we will be passing along any information on changes to this status as well. 


The change in our education and daily routine has been a challenge for all students and families, and we certainly recognize this. Each of the following service providers may be reached by calling the school if assistance can be provided in any way. Voicemails left at these numbers can reach these support staff members via email.

  • Psychologist, Ms. Amber McEachron, 681- 4312
  • School Counselor, Mrs. Kate Slavett, 681-4430
  • Health Office, Mrs. Sarah Nabozny, 681-4401

2019 – 2020 Assessments Cancelled

NYS Assessments in all subjects have been cancelled  by the NYS Education Department. For notice, click here.

Special Events and Field Trips

While the school closure continues, we are considering all of our scheduled events and trips to be cancelled or postponed in alignment with that timeline. The status of those events and trips will be updated as a reopening plan is established.

Next Year’s Classroom Placements

As we have each year, parents of fourth grade students will have an opportunity to provide feedback on student attributes that will inform next year’s fifth grade teacher assignments. More on this coming soon!

March and April Students of the Month

Based on the Positive Action concepts of the each month, and/or the effort put forth in on-line learning, teachers are acknowledging top performing students in their own classes at their discretion.

Instruction Continues Online

Teachers continue to post material online for student access via Google Classroom, using their Chromebooks. As time has passed during the school closure, the IS faculty members have adjusted the amount and frequency of assignments and virtual meetings to allow students to remain engaged and not become overwhelmed.

If you have questions regarding curriculum, please contact the teacher via email or connections apps used in each classroom. Each grade level provides consistent courses of study in core subjects that are supplemented by activities in Art, Music and Physical Education.

When working to overcome connectivity problems, please reach Mr. McTague or Mrs. Slavett via voicemail or email. Work is accessible by clicking going to this link.

Spring and Warmer Weather

Coach Dudley reminds all students to remain active. Now that the weather has finally shown signs of improvement, more outdoor activities along with indoor options are posted in his Google Classroom. Take the opportunity to get out of the house and be active while being safe! 

Trimester Three Reporting

With the school closure occurring at the end of the second trimester, the question of reporting on student understanding of concepts and skills at the end of this year has been at the forefront in conversation among regional schools. The approach to reporting adopted by the Hudson Falls Central School District elementary levels will be posted in the near future. 

Hudson Falls Tigers take PRIDE in themselves and PRIDE in their school!