Tiger Tales

Tiger Tales Spring Edition
Volume 23, Number 8

Important Dates

Fun Fair at the Primary School:                                         3/30

Spring Break – NO SCHOOL                                              4/19-26

Grandparents’ Breakfasts    Grade 4 May 2nd, Grade 5 May 3rd

2018 – 2019 Testing Dates

NYS Assessment Testing Dates are as follows

4th & 5th Grade ELA April 4-5 (Computer Based)

4th & 5th Grade Math May 6-7 (Computer Based)

4th Grade Science May 22 – 31 and June 3

Reminder: Come to The Fun Fair!

Saturday, March 30th will be the Fun Fair at the Primary School from 11:00-3:00, hosted by the HFCSD PTSA. There will be games, activities, concessions and much more! Game tickets will be available for .25 cents each with most games costing .50 cents or you can purchase a wrist band for $10.00, allowing unlimited play.

The doors of our school open at 8:00.  Please DO NOT send your child to school before 8:00. There is no supervision on the playground before or after school.  Students may wait in the cafeteria from 8:00 to 8:45.  At the 8:45 bell students may report to their classrooms.

  1. The breakfast program begins at approximately 8:25
  2. The final bell for students to be in their classrooms is 9:10
  3. Walkers are dismissed at 3:15

Spring and Warmer Weather

With the change in temperatures, students will be able to spend more time being active outside. We suggest that students wear sneakers during their recess, avoiding playground accidents that can result from ill-chosen footwear on our grounds and equipment.

Students should also be reminded to adhere to the Student Code of Conduct, with the simplified rules listed in student agendas for reference.

Playground Before and After School

There is no supervision on the playground before or after school.  Students must be accompanied by an adult on school property after they have been dismissed and released to parents, and while the remainder of the student body is still on school grounds. This is for the safety of all students.

Each of the following service providers may be reached by calling the school.

  1. School Counselor, Mrs. Kate Slavett, 681-4430
  2. Social Worker, Ms. Erin Pruess, 681-4316
  3. Psychologist, Mrs. Melissa Brown, 681-4312
  4. Nurse, Mrs. Sarah Nabozny, 681-4476


February Students of the Month

Mrs. Craner             Jasmine Cunningham

Mr. Doak                   Riley Woodward

Mrs. Healy                Dylan Winney

Mrs. Marry               Kyleigh Ross

Mrs. Onofrio           Juliannah Rich

Mrs. Ostrander      Danielle Green

Mrs. Sheldon           Kole Vaughn

Mrs. Wagner           Alexander Landsman

Mrs. Doak                 Cyrus-James Mallory

Mrs. Hanlon             Ava-Mae Leary

Mr. Kugler                Angelica King

Mrs. Lawrence       Alivia Robertson

Mrs. Lindsay           Brighten Bellows

Mr. Paris                   Elizabeth Pescari

Mr. Porter                Allyson Civitello

Mr. Richards          Connor Towers

Mrs. Hogan            Amanda McFadden

Mrs. Brewer        Caden Monteleone

Ms. Plummer        Lukas Lemery

Mr. Hume                Megan Munger

PE Grade 4            Alex Davis

PE Grade 4          Austin Naylor

PE Grade 5           Aleah Englert

PE Grade 5           Jesse Harris

Students will have breakfast with Mr. McTague on Tuesday, April 2nd
at 8:30 in the IS Library.

Hudson Falls Tigers take PRIDE in themselves and PRIDE in their school!