Meet the BOE Candidates

Crystal Grimaldi

photo shows woman smiling

Crystal Grimaldi is a 6th generation dairy farmer. She, with her parents and two cousins, own and operate Ideal Dairy Farms, in Hudson Falls. Crystal lives in Kingsbury with her husband and son and is a 2002 graduate of Hudson Falls. Crystal is incredibly grateful for the education and opportunities she received in Hudson Falls and is eager to give back to the school and community that had such an impact on her development. She is passionate about the great work being done in Tiger Town, and the opportunities and experiences provided to students to grow into well-rounded, hardworking young adults. Crystal joined the Hudson Falls Board of Education in 2019 and is excited for the chance to continue serving the Hudson Falls Community. 


Heidi Andrejkovics

photo shows woman smiling

Heidi Andrejkovics is an Early Intervention and preschool Speech-Language Pathologist working through Warren and Washington counties.  She lives in Kingsbury with her husband and two children, who attend HFCSD.  Heidi is a product of an amazing public education.  As the child of both a medical professional and a small businessperson (with a background in agriculture trades) she is passionate about public education and the opportunities that it provides for students and communities.  She joined the Hudson Falls Board or Education in 2019 and has recently joined the WSHWE BOCES board of education as well.  It is her privilege to serve her community through both of these organizations.