About the Middle School

Middle School Mission Statement

The Middle School community will provide an educational environment where all students will be encouraged to set goals, develop skills necessary for reaching their potential, and successfully meet future challenges in high school and beyond.

A message from Principal Tezanos:


At Hudson Falls Middle School, our main goal is simple; to work as a collective unit to provide the best, most enriching academic, social and emotional middle school experience possible. Through a set of high standards and expectations, we will strive to ensure every student works hard and acts kind every day. Our students will be exposed to an array of amazing experiences, both in and out of the classroom, through the commitment of our faculty’s dedication to their learning and growth. We expect everyone at Hudson Falls Middle School to respect each other, show empathy, be leaders when they can be and followers when they should be. Students are aware that their actions make a difference throughout our school, district and community.


I have spent the past 15 years dedicating my life to the Hudson Falls Central School District, all of that time right here in our Middle School and continue to do so until the day I retire.  I’ve worked as an English teacher, modified, JV and Varsity coach, I’ve served on countless leadership teams, committees and councils and most recently as the Middle School Assistant Principal for the past 8 years. I am honored and take great pride in being given the opportunity to lead Hudson Falls Middle School as its Principal.  The middle years are filled with incredible challenges, that when coupled with the right support, can be extremely rewarding. Our faculty and staff at Hudson Falls Middle School is the most caring, compassionate, dedicated and loving group of professionals I’ve ever come across in the field of education. From our teachers, to our maintenance team, secretaries, to school counselors,  our cafeteria workers, bus drivers, our nursing staff, teaching aides and assistants, administrators and everyone in between, we are all here because we care about students. We all share one common goal–to help your child(ren) reach their greatest potential as students, athletes, musicians, explorers, artists, woodworkers, technologists, trades people or anything else their heart’s desire.  We are here to help cultivate their love for learning, support their growth and uphold our promise, which is to do our best, for your best, each and every day.