School Supplies

6th Grade7th Grade

Experiencing Difficult Times?

Please contact the Social Work Associates and or School Counselors at your child’s building if you are in need of supplies.  Nemer Ford has generously donated backpacks with basic supplies of folder, notebooks, pens, pencils, markers and some headphones.

The following is a list of materials that will be needed for the 2020-2021 school year. Please direct specific questions about supplies to your child’s teachers.

All Grades Will Need

  • A supply of #2 pencils or mechanical pencils
  • Supply of loose-leaf paper for all classes
  • A supply of blue/black pens, a highlighter
  • A box of colored pencils will be used in all classes from time to time (check a Dollar Store)
  • A few extra pocket folders – these will be needed for your encore classes
  • A supply of 3×5 index cards

    6th Grade


    • 2 pocket red folder
    • 1.5-inch red three-ring binder
    • Casio fx-300MS calculator


    • 2 pocket green folder
    • large book sock (book cover)


    • 2 pocket yellow folder

    Social Studies

    •  1 box of twistable crayons or twistable colored pencils


    • 1 composition book
    • 2 pocket folder – any color

    A supply of #2 pencils/blue or black pens

    1-3 subject notebook for ELA, Science & Social Studies

    A few extra pocket folders – will be used for encore classes

    Backpacks with wheels are discouraged; they do not fit in the lockers

    If colors of notebooks and folders cannot be found, get a color as close as possible.

    Team Oneonta

    • 2 inch or bigger binder (any color)
    • 5 dividers
    • Earbuds/Headphones
    • Pencils/Pens
    • Colored Pencils (a small pack is fine)


    • Composition notebook


    • A red 1.5″ three-ring binder
    • Scientific calculator (Casio FX-115 MS or FX 300 MS are examples of what is needed) with a 2-line display
    • package of binder dividers
    • Red 2-pocket folder (Team Albany)

    Social Studies

    • 2 Composition notebook


    • No extra supplies needed

    Foreign Language

    • French: 1″ three-ring binder, any color
    • Spanish: 1 pocket folder

    Team Plattsburgh

    Foreign Language

    • Black 1.5″ three-ring binder with pockets
    • 1 packet of 3″x5″ index cards
    • 1 folder with three holes for binder
    • pens and pencils


    • 1.5″ three-ring binder with five dividers
    • 2 two-pocket folders
    • 2 Marble Composition notebooks
    • Looseleaf paper (lots!)
    • Blue/back ink pens and pencils


    • 1.5″ inch three-ring binder
    • Scientific calculator (Casio FX 300 MS or Texas Instruments TI-30X IIS)
    • Honors students need a graphing calculator (TI-84 Plus or TI-84 Plus CE; NOT the TI-nspire CX!!)

    Social Studies

    • Blue 2″ three-ring binder
    • Blue 2-pocket folder


    • Green 2-pocket folder
    • Green 1.5″ inch three-ring binder
    • 1 trifold poster board

    Team Albany

    • 1 accordion binder (at least 5 pockets)
    • 5 different color posters

    Foreign Language

    • 1.5″ three-ring binder (any color)
    • 3×5 index cards
    • highlighter


    • 1 notebook (7th & 8th grade)


    • A scientific calculator (Casio FX 300 MS)