MS Students Hosting Fundraiser Saturday, May 18

8th grade students have planned a combined fundraiser for this weekend at Moran-Derby Park. On Saturday, May 18 from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m., Hudson Falls Middle School will be hosting a variety of events and activities to raise money for genetic disorders.

We know that it is an extremely busy time of year and that although you might not be able to attend the event in person, you might be interested in supporting the event in other ways.

One way that you can help is by making a contribution to the Alzheimer’s Walk-a-thon. You can pledge a monetary donation based on the number of laps our team can complete around Derby Park in a two-hour span or make a lump sum donation using the Google Form attached. Donations from this event will go to the Longest Day Foundation to help people that suffer from Alzheimer’s Disease.

Another opportunity to support these students in their fundraising quest is to participate VIRTUALLY in the Genetic Disorder Basket Raffle for Turner’s Syndrome. Use the google form below to choose how many tickets you would like to put in for each basket and the group of dedicated students will convert your digital ticket into a real ticket on the day of the event! Donations from this event will go to the Turner’s Syndrome Foundation. 

If you are in fact available on Saturday between 1:00 and 4:00 p.m., we would love to have your support in person. A group of students have organized a kickball tournament to raise money for Dwarfism that will run from 1pm-4pm.  Students will be signing up during lunch this week and each team can have one adult, which could be you.  Another group is raising money for Osteogenesis Imperfecta by providing food and drinks at the event.  The final group will be hosting a candy shop to raise money for Tourettes Syndrome. All in all, we are expecting a great turnout from our community.  

Your support, in any form, would be greatly appreciated by our school community. Thank you for considering being part of this meaningful cause

Basket Raffle