School Board Meeting Information

Hudson Falls School Board meetings are a wonderful opportunity for members of the greater school community to participate in the education process. Board meetings are held at Hudson Falls High School, located at 80 E. LaBarge Street, Hudson Falls, New York, 12839.

On the first Tuesday of the month, the Board holds committee meetings at 6:30pm. The second Tuesday of the month is our full Board meeting at 7pm.

All Hudson Falls School Board meetings are open to the public. We encourage everyone to attend, and to speak with our board members. The Board has a few policies for anyone who wishes to speak.

  • Wait to be called upon by the Board president.
  • Please state your full name.
  • Direct your comments to the Board; do not turn and speak to the audience.
  • Keep your comments as concise as possible.
  • Speakers are expected to treat others with respect,  confining their remarks to School District issues.
  • Do not use the public speaking portions of Board meetings to make personal statements about any individual including students, employees or coaches or engage in any commentary that is slanderous or abusive. The Board president may rule any speaker out of order who makes such statements.
  • Limit each public comment to 4 minutes. Board of Education President may limit time of individual speakers or if multiple speakers are presenting the same viewpoint.