All HFCSD Students Return to In-Person Hybrid Learning Jan 25th

Dear Tiger Community,

Welcome back to school on January 25th!!!

All year, we’ve stressed two things with all of you. One has been safety. The safety and health of our staff and students have driven all our decisions. The other has been the importance of in-person learning. You have all shown flexibility as we have balanced these core values. Thank you for managing in-person learning pauses, wearing a mask in our buildings, and in following all the rules guiding our current COVID-19 reality.

Once again, we are asking you for flexibility. Right now, all students will return to in-person hybrid learning on Monday, January 25th. Due to a large number of faculty and staff currently under quarantine, reopening may be reviewed and revised on a daily basis. But each day of in-person learning matters and changes if and when necessary will be well communicated.

We ask that you continue to check our website for any updates or changes. We also send push notifications through our smartphone app, as well as send calls, emails, and text messages to families with important information. If you would like to update your contact information, please call our school registrar’s office at (518) 681-4279.

In order to keep our students and staff safe in school, we are now implementing that every student must wear a mask 100% of the time while in our buildings. Our policy on mask-wearing, as well as tips for safe handling of masks, is available on our website. Also, use the Good2BeBack tracker, and please call your school nurse should you or your family have an illness or COVID questions!

Outdoor internet access is available for any district-issued Chromebook device in the parking lot on the east side of the Middle School, as well as in the main parking lot of the Kindergarten Center. At the Middle School, look for the network called “HFCSD-MS-EXT.” Your school Chromebook will automatically join the network. At the Kindergarten Center, look for the network “HFCSD-KC-EXT” and your Chromebook will automatically join as well.

We want to stay open…and the only way we can do that is to follow NYS COVID regulations, inside our buildings and out. Please continue to wear a mask and be vigilant. Avoid gatherings. Avoid travel.

For more information, visit the Washington County Health Department COVID-19 tracker page daily.


Jon Hunter, Interim Superintendent