COVID-19 Positive Case Identified at Intermediate School

The district learned on May 3, that one member of the Intermediate School community has tested positive for COVID-19.  Thanks to our continued focus on strict COVID-19 precautions, as well as our ongoing focus on the safety and health of our students and staff, all schools will remain open for in-person hybrid learning.  Parents of students impacted by this case have been notified and students were safely and successfully transported home.  In addition, we are still working with Washington County regarding a “presumed positive” case at the Primary School.  

Together, Hudson Falls has implemented 100% mask-wearing in our buildings. In addition, we are keeping classroom windows open as appropriate, and have continued thorough cleaning of our facilities both during the day, as well as at night. Those steps have allowed us to lower the impact of a single positive case.

The district continues to collaborate with county health partners as part of our contact tracing.  Any student affected by this COVID case has been notified so that their family can be supported and our school community remains safe and healthy.   

Those efforts are supported by the data we collect from our health status reporting app, Good2BeBack. It helps us to mitigate the impact of each COVID-19 positive diagnosis. We strongly urge all our students and staff to check in on the app daily. Other ways you can help us keep our doors open to students – wear a mask the entire time you are on campus and on busses. Avoid large gatherings. Avoid unnecessary travel. And visit the Washington County Health Department COVID-19 tracker page daily for updates.