HFCSD Allergy Snack Procedure

Snacks/Treats Submission Form

HFCSD understands the importance of Celebrations such as Holiday Parties, Birthday Parties, and Snacks.

In an effort to create an environment of student safety, the HFCSD has implemented an Allergy Snack Procedure for the entire district while children are in class

Along with the USDA and the Smart Snack Guide for schools, HFCSD is asking all parents, teachers, and school-related organizations to use the following procedure when supplying a Smart Snack for a celebration.

1) All Allergens for a specific product need to be vetted within the office of Nutrition Services and/or the School Nurse. Our mission is to Celebrate in a safe and Allergy-free environment for the students and a classroom.

2) You may submit the order form attached, 48 hours prior to the celebration in the classroom. We have compiled a list of Smart Snack School items that meet the USDA guideline for a Celebratory snack.

3) We also want to encourage you to still feel free and bring in a snack that is store-bought and contains an ingredient label. Store-Bought items only will be permitted and submitted for vetting. Meaning no homemade cookies, brownies, cupcakes etc.
If this is the option selected We will need the label sent to us 48 hours in advance.

****This can be done by either dropping off at the Nutrition Service office or by filling out the following google form. This will ensure all snack ingredients can be vetted before the party or distribution of the snack.****

4) If you choose to purchase the product from the School please fill out the order form online and stop by the Nutrition Office for payment. Again we ask for 48-hour notice to be sure products available and payment is complete.

5) Teachers. We will need to get a list of the students in your classroom that will be participating in the party or celebration. Again we ask that this be sent to the Nutrition Service office 48 hours before the event.

This list should be confidential by email: You can send it to: jmurray@hfcsd.org. Or you can drop off your list at the Nutrition office. (You may also submit the list to the School Nurse if the office is unavailable.)

6) If the Nutrition Director is away from the office or off-campus to check the ingredients and allergies, you can check with the Cafe Manager of the school as an alternative. They can all look up the student list you have and can provide you with the allergy and or alternative snack if so needed.