School Nutrition Services

Did you know our Nutrition Services staff serves over 125,000 breakfasts and close to 277,000 lunches to the students in Hudson Falls Schools and Prospect School?  Our job in School Nutrition Services is to ensure that only nutritious and appealing foods and beverages are provided in school cafeterias, vending machines, snack bars, school stores and other venues that offer food and beverages to students.

School meals have changed in recent years thanks in part to federal nutritional standards.  School meals are now low in fat and provide one-half of the recommended dietary allowances for calories, protein and vitamins A and C, iron and calcium.  We take pride in offering your child healthy meals that help them learn.

Choose My Plate is a great family resource for healthy eating, physical activity and online tools to track your goals.

Community Eligibility Provision

Hudson Falls School District is pleased to announce our eligibility for a new meal program.  CEP or the Community Eligibility Program allows our schools to provide FREE breakfast and lunch to all students.  Please help us in this year’s process by completing the application. You also received a home mailing with additional information along with an application for this program. Please fill out and return to your child’s homeroom teacher or main office.

You can fill out this paperwork online, via TitanK12’s website!

Printable Free and Reduced Lunch Form

Pricing Information

The company TitanK12 now handles all of our payments.  TitanK12 allows you to pay for your child’s snacks, view account balances, schedule automatic payments, receive low balance email reminders and view daily reports of your child’s cafeteria purchases. We encourage all families to create a free account with simply an email address. You can also download Titan’s mobile apps below.

Apple App Store download link

Google Play download link

It also offers some advantages to families with multiple children in the district. Parents can create one account, and add money and view transactions for all of their students.

To buy a school snack, students/families can:

  • Pay cash
  • Deposit money in your child’s account by writing a check to School Nutrition Services. The check can be brought to school and given to the main office.
  • Use your Titan account