Buildings & Grounds

Our department is responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of the district’s six buildings.  We have three primary areas of responsibility throughout the district: Custodial Services, Maintenance Services and Healthy and Safety.

Our staff works around the clock to provide for clean facilities, maintained mechanical services and a safe, secure environment for all staff and students.

Report on Acreage and Square Footage

Water Testing Results

On Sept. 6, 2016, New York state became the first state in the nation to require all public schools and BOCES to test all sources of drinking water for lead.  If a water outlet is found to have a lead level above the state’s “action level” of 15 parts per billion, a school district must:

  • Take immediate steps to prohibit use of the outlet for drinking or cooking purposes;
  • Implement a remediation plan; and
  • Ensure that students and staff have an adequate supply of
  • Water for drinking and cooking in the meantime.

Below are the test results for the district’s school buildings. If you are unable to access these documents, please contact Superintendent of Buildings & Grounds David McKeighan at and an alternate version will be provided.


If you have trouble accessing this file, please contact the Help Desk at 518-681-4357.