Instructional Technology

HFCSD is committed to using technology to support learning in our school and homes by building a community of learners that extends beyond the physical spaces of our buildings.  Our role is to provide guidance, oversight and support to successfully integrate technology into all aspects of teaching and learning.

As outlined in The Instructional Technology Plan below, this plan has implications for shifting the educational system and preparing students with the necessary technological skills for higher ed and employment. Through these supports and resources, the district will continue to deepen teachers’ and administrators’ understandings of the uses of technology to support learning and achievement. Under this vision of technology being an integral component to how we teach and learn, the goals we have outlined as a committee are consistent with and fully support current research of the 14 critical elements necessary to effectively leverage technology for learning.

Instructional Technology Plan

Every three years, school districts are required to submit an Instructional Technology Plan.  This plan serves as a guiding document for the integration of technology throughout the district. The attached plan below outlines the three goals for the 2022-2025 plan. We encourage anyone interested in being part of this committee to contact us to learn more.

District Three Year Goals

View the full 2022-2025 Instructional Technology Plan here.

HFCSD Data Privacy & Security

This site is designed to provide parents with information and processes related to student data privacy and security in accordance with New York State Education Law 2D. This includes the Hudson Falls Data Privacy and Security Policy, the Parent’s Bill of Rights, Data Privacy Complaint Process and links to vendor contracts and assurances regarding the responsible use of your student’s information.

Data Protection Officer

Mike DeCaprio, Assistant Superintendent for Education and Accountability 

PII includes but is not limited to:

  • Student’s name
  • Name of student’s parent or family member
  • Address of student or faculty
  • Student ID
  • Social Security number
  • Date of birth
  • Other information that alone or in combination is linked or linkable to a specific student