Budget & Finance

2021-22 Proposed Budget

  • Total Proposed Budget: $46,327,727
  • Spending Increase: $1,635,025 (3.66%)
  • Tax Levy Increase: 0%
  • Bus, Vehicle and Equipment Proposition: $370,000
  • One Board of Education seat

2021-22 Proposed Budget Will Result in “0%” to the Tax Levy

On Tuesday, May 18, Hudson Falls Central School District residents will vote on a $46.3 million proposed budget for the 2021-22 school year. The proposed budget, which has an increase of $1.6 million or 3.66% over the current year’s budget, will result in a tax levy increase of 0%. The tax levy falls well below the New York State property tax cap calculation for Hudson Falls of 3.19%.

Voters will also elect one member to the Board of Education and vote on a proposition to purchase four school buses with 90% additional aid from the state. This proposed budget plan seizes the opportunity to use additional funding from the state. The plan avoids a tax increase while increasing our 2021-22 spending to create a bridge of programs and services for students. This enables us to reconnect, re-energize and meet students’ learning needs as we transition away from a year and a half of hybrid learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic, to a planned school reopening in the Fall of 2021. Specific initiatives include support programs for reading, special
education, social-emotional learning, and closing gaps in student achievement.

Current Budget Summary

2021-2022 Budget Planning Information

2020-2021 Adopted Budget

  • 2019-20 Budget Approved: $44,692,702
  • Tax Levy Increase: 1.9%

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Business Office and Tax Collector

The Business Office conducts the day-to-day business of the school district, including internal services such as payroll, health insurance benefits coordination, and external services such as accounts payable.

School Budget and Voter Information

Hudson Falls residents consider a school budget proposal on the third Tuesday in May each year. Before the vote, the Board of Education will work with district and school leaders to develop a budget proposal informed by the district’s mission, educational goals, fiscal challenges, and opportunities.

Property Taxes and Exemptions

Visit the state Department of Taxation and Finance’s STAR credit page for more information.

New York State Funding Transparency Forms

Please visit the Division of Budget for more information on school funding allocation.

What is a tax cap?
New York places restrictions on how school districts (and municipalities) may increase their tax levies. It requires at least 60 percent voter approval for a school budget if the proposed tax levy increase exceeds a threshold, known as the tax levy limit, which is unique to each district and calculated using a state formula.

Although often referred to as a “2 percent tax cap,” the law does not, in fact, restrict any proposed tax levy increase to 2 percent. The New York state comptroller released a report on “three years of the tax cap” in 2015 (PDF), and its 2014-15 data showed that of the state’s 700 school districts:

38 had a tax levy limit equal to 2 percent, but only when rounded.
363 had a limit greater than 2 percent.
69 had a limit less than 1 percent.