HFCSD Brings History Alive on the 80th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor Attack

Dec 6, 2021 – Hudson Falls, N.Y. —  A custodian cleaning out a family home is netting some interesting historic artifacts for the students of Hudson Falls High School. 

George McKinney uncovered Boston Herald newspapers from December 6-10, 1941. Those dates, you might remember, surround “a day that will live in infamy,” the attacks on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Tuesday, December 7, 2021, marks the 80th anniversary of the attack that led to the United State’s involvement in World War II.

McKinney shared the papers with high school social studies teacher Kimberly Shea. She had the idea to have them professionally framed, so they could be preserved as primary source documents for future students.

“When George shared the newspapers with me, I knew they were special,” said High School Teacher Kim Shea. “They will become a wonderful way to help bring history alive for our students for years to come!”

On Tuesday, Hudson Falls High School will unveil those artifacts in a virtual assembly in the Auditorium. The ceremony will include remarks by former Hudson Falls teacher and author Matthew Rozell, as well as State Senator Daniel Stec

“We are honored to host veterans such as Senator Stec, as well as our own local historian Matt Rozell on this important milestone anniversary,” said Superintendent Dan Ward. “I want to instill in our students the values that those who serve our country radiate – honor, purpose, and hard work. Values I’ve seen in the life of my father, a veteran himself. This is also a great opportunity to connect our community members with our school. By holding a virtual event, we’re able to invite everyone inside our auditorium to learn along with us!”

Tuesday’s assembly is archived on the Hudson Falls School District YouTube Channel.