Hudson Falls CSD to Pursue Energy Efficiency Projects Across All Six Buildings

The Hudson Falls CSD Board of Education approved a measure for the May 16 ballot that would complete energy efficiency improvements across all six school buildings in the district with no impact to taxpayers.

An Energy Performance Contract (EPC) allows schools to make energy-efficient improvements without the need for increased taxes. The Hudson Falls BOE voted during its March 14 meeting to include the $3.1 million debt neutral proposition on the May 16 budget vote. The Energy Performance Contract will not require any tax levy increase from taxpayers. New York State building aid and energy savings for the project will provide positive revenue for the district, amounting to roughly $92,000 per year.

Additionally, The Board is asking the voters to approve a Proposition on the May 16 budget vote that would allow even greater savings. Should the voters approve the proposition, the project would have an additional 10% funded by the State Education Department. 

“Hudson Falls is not the first district in New York state to pursue an EPC,” Superintendent Dan Ward said. “The one thing that is different for Hudson Falls’ EPC is that a good portion of the work in ours allows us to complete work that had to be cut out of our capital project due to cost escalations.

“While we are in the midst of our capital project work is a perfect time to take advantage of the opportunity to make energy upgrades which will show tremendous savings over time,” Supt. Ward added.

The work that would occur in Hudson Falls schools includes the high school boilers and mechanical room redesign & renovation; temperature control improvements; middle school ventilation improvements in larger spaces; districtwide walk-in freezer control upgrades; districtwide wireless plug-load control upgrades; LED lighting upgrades; high school lighting controls; districtwide exterior LED lighting upgrades; building weatherization improvements; and pipe and valve insulation.

The John W. Danforth Company did a comprehensive analysis of the District’s utility costs and conducted a thorough facilities energy audit over the winter of 2022 to help shape the scope of work being proposed.

The improvements are estimated to reduce the District’s energy consumption between 28 and 32 percent. The EPC project will initially cost the District $3.1 million, but the project is self-funded through energy savings and NYS aid, which will pay for the project improvements over a 18 year timeframe. And these savings are guaranteed by John W. Danforth the Mechanical Contractor and Energy Services Company.