Hudson Falls High School Applauds Honor Graduates

May 15, 2019 – Hudson Falls, N.Y. — Hudson Falls High School recognized 25 seniors Wednesday for an academic feat; maintaining a 90% average throughout their entire high school career.

The more than two dozen honors graduates crossed the stage to be acknowledged by the entire student body Wednesday. High School Principal James Benefield said the Class of 2019 honors graduates put in a lot of hard work to get to this achievement.

“On top of academics, they also volunteer countless hours in our community, participate in various school clubs and organizations and also participate in a number of interscholastic sports,” said Benefield. “They have sacrificed leisure pursuits over the past 4 years to position themselves for a successful and bright future. I have loved watching these students grow into the responsible young adults they are today. ”

“It’s hard to keep such a high average throughout your entire high school career,” said Superintendent Linda Goewey. “And they’re keeping that average while taking Advanced Placement, college, and upper-level courses. We are so proud of the work they have done, and the lasting impact they have made on this school community.”

Class of 2019 Honor Graduates

Anne Kiernan, Valedictorian
Sierra Ellsworth, Salutatorian

  • Brooklyn Beamish
  • Raeann Bombard
  • Michael Bonomo, Jr.
  • Robert Cieply
  • Caleb Condon
  • Justin Fowler
  • Shane Grimes
  • John Havens
  • Briana Hermance
  • Juliana Kuba
  • Andrew Mager
  • Katharine Marchese
  • Meghan Marchese
  • Hannah Maureen Malasaga
  • Taylor Markham
  • Sena McLaughlin
  • Shawn Miller
  • Hannah Nolan
  • Jessica Petteys
  • William Richmond
  • Dennis Sullivan
  • Abrielle Swartz
  • Carley Toole