Interim Superintendent on Community Cases

Dear Hudson Falls Community,

We want to share information about positive COVID-19 cases that are reported as either part of the school community and/or the larger community.

Specifically, a school community case is when a student or any staff member tests positive for COVID and has been in our school facilities. This would necessitate a 3-day pause for cleaning and tracking and tracing work with Washington County. 

A community case is considered to be any member of the community or even a member of our school community that tests positive for COVID but did NOT enter a school facility.

During the most recent Thanksgiving recess, we had 2 positive COMMUNITY cases. They were a student that attends the High School and an Intermediate School faculty member. It is important that these facts are available. Since neither of these people was in our buildings for at least five (5) days, they are considered community cases and we will continue in-person classes as scheduled.

We will continue to inform our community using all the communication outlets available to us, including posting the information on our website, sending a phone call, and email via SchoolMessenger, as well as sending a push notification via our smartphone app. Please make sure that the contact information that you have provided in SchoolTool is still current. If it needs to be updated, please contact our district registrar by phone at (518) 681-4279.

As always please email or call with any questions you might have about school safety protocols.


Jon Hunter, Interim Superintendent