Participate in our Thought Exchange

Last year we launched our “Attend Today, Achieve Tomorrow” campaign to help address attendance issues in our district. We ran two Thought Exchanges prior to the launch: 1) addressing barriers to attendance, and 2) to students seeking incentives to improve attendance. This new Thought Exchange is to the Hudson Falls community as a whole asking what they can do to support this initiative. Hudson Falls is a community that cares and we know that this caring community has some ideas and support to add to our efforts.

If you are unfamiliar with what Thought Exchange is or how it works, it is very simple. Use the link provided to share your thoughts. We then ask that you rate the thoughts of others as it relates to this question: What are some ways the community can rally behind better school attendance?

Thanks to this wonderful community we are all working together to maintain that #HFTigerPride.