Pre-K Through 8th Grade Students Return to In-person Learning

Dear Tiger Community,

We are pleased to welcome back our Pre-K through 8th-grade students back to the classroom tomorrow, Wednesday, Dec. 16th. As a reminder, our 9th through 12th-grade students will remain 100% remote through the Christmas holiday break. 

High school students should log on to their Google classrooms synchronously for their A Day schedule on Wednesday. BOCES, Early College, and New Visions students may attend their classes in person. BOCES and Early College students will have school-provided transportation departing from Hudson Falls High School.

If any student needs a meal during the pause, please come to the cafeteria entrance on the Franklin Street side of the High School. Food will be served from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

We are also excited to offer free wireless internet connections to any of our student devices, outside of two district buildings. Internet access is available in the main parking lot of the Kindergarten Center, as well as the east parking lot of the Middle School. Access is limited to school-issued devices.

The Washington County Public Health Department is continuing their work to track, trace, and identify any potential contacts of the individuals in our school community who tested positive for COVID-19. Due to the significant increases in COVID-19 cases they are investigating, that work is taking extra time to complete. The county will reach out to all contacts and advise on the need to quarantine and to arrange to test those exposed.

Thank you for your continued partnership to keep our school community safe through wearing masks, staying socially distant, and following proper hand hygiene.

I am incredibly thankful for the work that our faculty, staff, and school community has done to accommodate this extended pause. I know it’s not easy, but unfortunately, we have become practiced at this switch to remote learning!


Dr. Jon Hunter, Interim Superintendent