Residents to vote on $49 million budget proposal on May 17

Proposed 2022-23 school district budget carries 0% tax levy increase

On Tuesday, May 17, Hudson Falls Central School District residents will vote on a $49,274,802 proposed budget for the 2022-23 school year.

The proposed budget, which has an increase of $2,947,075 or 6.36% over the current year’s budget, will result in no increase to the tax levy. Therefore, the tax levy increase falls well below the New York State property tax cap of 3.64% for the district.

Voters will also elect two members to the Board of Education and vote on a $375,000 proposition to purchase four school buses. The state will pay for approximately 90% of the cost of the purchase, and there is no tax increase associated with the bus purchase.

Additionally, residents will also be asked to consider a proposition to establish a capital reserve fund with the ultimate amount of such fund to be $250,000 for future capital project expenditures.

This fund would allow the District to set aside money over a period of time, much like a savings account, from the District’s current unreserved fund balance (funds remaining at the end of budget cycles). 

The restoration of Foundation Aid provides our District with funding that has been previously withheld over the past several years. When Foundation Aid was first implemented in 2007-08, it was supposed to be phased in over four years, with full funding being provided at the time. Over time, that effort stalled, in part due to the Great Recession and resulting state aid cutbacks.

Even in years when Foundation Aid increased, it was often not enough to keep pace with the level needed for full funding. The restoration of these funds will allow the District to provide additional programs and supports for our students.

The proposed budget has a strong focus on creating a bridge of programs and services for students as we continue to address unfinished learning due to the COVID pandemic. Specific initiatives include support programs for reading, special education, social emotional learning and closing gaps in student achievement.

To learn more about the proposed budget, please visit our Budget & Finance site.