School Year Grading 2019-2020

As we work through the 4th quarter and 3rd Trimester, we wanted to share with you the grading procedures that will be in place for students for the rest of the 2019-20 school year. The grading will determine how course credit is awarded and/or how final averages are calculated. Please see the school’s website for any specific details related to that building.

These grading procedures were developed with the well-being of our students in mind. They reflect the unprecedented situation the COVID-19 crisis has created but are also designed to preserve the integrity of an academic program our staff and students have invested so much in.

The most important thing students and parents need to know is that no student will do worse in a class or grade because of the school closing than they were doing before the closing. 

From UPK to grade 5, we will continue to use our standards-based grading system. Students will receive a performance of a 1-4 based on Trimesters 1 and 2. Any work done during the closing will do two things. It will generate a grade for 3rd trimester for feedback purposes, and it may be used to increase grades for Trimesters 1 and 2.

From 6th through 12th grades, numeric grades will be calculated. Grades will be based on Quarters 1-3 and the mid-term if applicable. 3rd quarter grade ranges will be converted to a grade using the top grade in the range (65, 79, 89, 100). Any work done for the 4th quarter will do two things. It will generate a grade for the 4th quarter using the ranges we used for the 3rd quarter for feedback purposes, and it may be used to increase grades for Quarters 1-3. 

Your student still needs to pass the course. While teachers are still providing a modified curriculum for the final weeks, they are also still accepting past work to increase past grades. For students in courses that end with a Regents Exam, these exams have been canceled. But although they have been canceled for June and August this year, in order to earn the test credit, your student must still pass the course. In order to earn credit for any course, your student must still pass the course.

Condensed curriculum for semester-long courses and Credit Recovery Courses. These courses will also be adapted to provide a more limited curriculum reflecting the amount of time we have spent together this year. To earn credit in these courses, students need to complete and pass the limited curriculum.

AP and SUNY courses continue in their regular fashion. The commitment our district and our students make to college-level courses means these courses continue without modification.