Social Media Investigation

February 25 2019– Hudson Falls, N.Y. —  In an effort to remain as transparent as we can be, we want to inform you about a social media concern that we received Sunday evening. We also want to clearly communicate with our school community about serious issues when they arise.

Sunday night, a private group chat post involving a small group of students from various districts was discovered.  This incident was reported to our school administrators by law enforcement. We were informed that the post was not found to be credible or a threat to our middle school in any way.  The Sheriff’s Office is aware of all of the students involved.

We worked collaboratively with law enforcement on the timing for release of this particular information as we did not want to jeopardize any part of their investigation. We remain thankful to our partners from the Washington County Sheriff’s Office for their help, guidance and work on this matter.

Social media posts by students are taken seriously and investigated thoroughly. We wanted you to have the facts so you can discuss them with your child and emphasize the seriousness of this issue. We encourage families to review appropriate digital citizenship with their children. This article by Common Sense Media might be of assistance.