Talking HF Tigers 11-19

Hello Tiger Family,

What a week. Hopefully, everyone’s heads have stopped spinning over all the changes we’ve had to endure around transportation and virtual learning! As a parent myself, I understand the challenges that last-minute changes present to everyone.

I am so thankful this week for all our school community members and our HFCSD staff that stepped up to get our kids to school. All you had to do was watch the drop-off line at the Primary School, as it snaked around to Vaughn Road, to realize just how many people care about our students. Based on our attendance rates, I’d say this week was a huge success! We saw only a small drop in attendance district-wide.

You went above and beyond to help us reach our district goal of 100% of our students learning in-person 100% of the time. Another way we can do that is to increase the number of vaccinated students in our buildings.

I recognize it’s up to each family to decide what’s best for their child. But the more vaccinated students we have, the fewer we will have to quarantine when there’s a positive case. That means more students in school learning.

We are working with our health partners to plan a free vaccination clinic for any student ages 5 and older. Please note, this is completely optional. However, we know that it can be difficult to find and attend a vaccination appointment for kids. So we want to make it as easy as possible for you to get #Vaccinated. If you are interested in receiving a free vaccine, please fill out our interest form.

I hope everyone will be taking a well-earned break next week for Thanksgiving Recess. We will come back rested, and ready to re-engage our learners!


Dan Ward, Superintendent