Immunization Requirements for 2023-2024

Children attending daycare and pre-K through 12thgrade in New York State must receive all required doses of vaccines on the recommended schedule in order to attend or remain in school. This is true unless they have a valid medical exemption to immunization. This includes all public, private, and religious schools. A medical exemption is allowed when a child has a medical condition that prevents them from receiving a vaccine. There are no nonmedical exemptions to school vaccine requirements in NYS.

Important school immunization information

Within 14 days of the first day of school or daycare, parents must:

  • Show proof of their child’s up-to-date vaccinations, OR
  • Provide a valid medical exemption from vaccination.

In order to attend or remain in school or daycare, children who are unvaccinated or overdue must receive at least the first dose of all required vaccines within the first 14 days. They also must receive subsequent vaccines in the series within a 14-day period of when they are due to complete the immunization series.

Those going into 6th, 7th and 12th grade have additional vaccinations that are required.  If the required immunizations are not received by the 14 day from the first day of school (9/21/2023), the student will be excluded from school per Section 2164(7)(a) of the NYS Public Health Law.

2023-2024 Immunization Schedule