Middle School Launches New Monthly Team Attendance Contest

Hudson Falls, N.Y. — It seems like a good deal for students. Come to school, get a pizza party. It’s the reality for middle school students at Hudson Falls.

Starting this month, the building is holding a friendly competition between the five teams of students. Daily attendance is calculated and tracked daily on large posters in the front entrance. The team who has the highest attendance percentage at the end of the month will win a team party – a pizza party, ice cream party or movie and popcorn party!

“Kids love competition, so it’s a way to promote good attendance, but making it fun as well,” said Erin Pruess, middle school social work associate. “We want to put the idea in their heads that being at school matters a lot.”

Pruess came up with the idea, and says the parties are funded by the Parent-Teacher Student Organization (PTA), and the school’s Kindness and Compassion Club.

“I think this a wonderful idea developed by our middle school team,” said Superintendent Linda Goewey. “It supports our district-wide goal of boosting attendance in such a positive way!”