MS Team Oneonta on PAUSE through spring recess

Dear Middle School Community,

Students on the other middle school teams, and in all other buildings will continue their regular in-person hybrid schedules unless they are instructed by the Washington County Health Department to stay home.

We serve meals Monday-Friday for any student that wants it. Meals are served at the Franklin Street side of our high school building from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. each weekday.

Outdoor internet access is available for any district-issued Chromebook device in the parking lot on the east side of the Middle School, as well as in the main parking lot of the Kindergarten Center. At the Middle School, select the network called “HFCSD-MS-EXT.” Your school Chromebook will automatically join the network. At the Kindergarten Center, select the network “HFCSD-KC-EXT” and your Chromebook will automatically join as well.

We are all doing our best this year to keep everyone safe, and in school. We are reminding all families to use our Good2BeBack app to report their child’s health conditions prior to arriving at school. Other protocols include mask wearing for the entire duration of bus rides, and while in our buildings. Please continue to avoid large gatherings. Avoid unnecessary travel. Let’s all do our part, so we can all stay together in school.

For more information, visit the Washington County Health Department COVID-19 tracker page daily.


William Whitty, Middle School Principal