Talking HF Tigers 9/2

Welcome Back Tiger Family,

Among the happiest moments in my career are the activities that start a new school year. While I am eagerly awaiting the return of your students on Tuesday, Sept. 6, I could not have been happier on Thursday morning when I was able to stand at the front of the high school auditorium and say, “Welcome back TEAMTIGER!” to nearly all our district employees in person for the first time.

With so much of my first year as your superintendent still wrapped around limited opportunities to gather, being able to look out across the faces of those who will be educating and supporting your students’ learning and time in HFCSD filled me with joy. Opening day for staff was themed, “Foundation for the Future.” Our 2022-23 school year is built upon some topics I’d like to share:

Capital Project Is Moving Forward 

In Feb. 2021, our voters approved a $16.7 million capital project (you can read the details about when it was approved here). New bids will be back in late September. As I told staff, we will begin immediately this Fall to get the projects underway and while it will involve some inconveniences and disruptions, we will all “keep our eye on the prize,” with much desired and needed improvements to our schools.

Code of Conduct: See Something, Say Something – DO Something

Nothing is more important to us than student safety and well being. Put simply, we reinforced with all staff, “see something, say something – DO something.” Our Code of Conduct can be read here

Mission, Vision, and Values: Why They Matter 

Our District’s mission, vision, and values statements will be at the forefront of our work in 2022-23. I look forward to discussing and sharing more about our overall plans to have these critical statements in front of us this school year. 

A special shout out to our building & grounds crew for their great job over the summer getting our school sites ready, inside and out. I am very excited to be starting my second year as a part of TEAMTIGER and look forward to the hustle and bustle of students returning Tuesday.

Please have a safe and enjoyable Labor Day weekend.


Dan Ward, Superintendent