Board of Education

The Hudson Falls Central School District Board of Education is made up of nine members who are elected by the voters of the district to serve five-year terms.  Members serve without pay.  The Board of Education is responsible for the development of policy through which the superintendent administers the educational program.  The Hudson Falls Central School District Board of Education is dedicated to providing equal educational opportunities which enable students to acquire the skills, knowledge, and discipline necessary for success in a competitive society.

All citizens are encouraged to participate actively in the development and operation of our schools.  It is the responsibility of the entire community to provide input, which will assist the Board of Education if our schools are to continue to develop and provide a program of quality education for the youth of our district.

The Board invites interested residents of the community to attend public meetings of the Board at 7 p.m. in the high school.  Board committees and meeting dates and times are listed here on the website.  Special board meetings called during the year are advertised in our local newspaper, The Post Star.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Hudson Falls Central School District is to assure the highest level of quality education academically, vocationally, and socially to ALL students regardless of sex, race, creed, color, socio-economic status, or ability through a carefully planned and challenging educational program developed by the staff in cooperation with students, parents, and other members of the community.

Hudson Falls CSD is dedicated to assuring that all students acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes for becoming responsible citizens in a democratic society, developing and maintaining physical and emotional well-being, and attaining productive employment throughout their adult lives. All students shall understand that learning is lifelong and that by applying knowledge, they will become capable of adapting to and creating change.

Board of Education Goals

The Hudson Falls Board of Education has adopted the following goals for the 2021-2022 school year:


    • Through semi-annual presentations to the Board, promote the development, growth and promotion of internal stakeholders to help our staff meet their career goals while advancing the district.
    • With the help of the board president, create a leadership succession plan.

COVID-19 Management

    • With the Superintendent, develop policies that promote in-person instruction for all students in a safe manner that maximizes their educational opportunities despite a global pandemic.
    • With the Superintendent, promote the continuation of extracurricular and co-curricular sports and activities to help grow well-rounded students and enrich their lives.
    • Through a partnership with the Superintendent, develop policies that promote student and staff safety and well-being in accordance with CDC, State Education, and local mandates.

Instruction and Professional Development:

    • Through a partnership with the Superintendent, promote the development of our faculty, staff, and administration to help the district and students grow and achieve their goals. Monitor and provide feedback on district progress in collaboration with the Superintendent and instructional leaders to promote continuous improvement.
    • Promote the social and emotional needs of all students while developing communication, critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, and empathy through board action.

    Fiscal Management

      • Working collaboratively with the Superintendent, provide oversight into the development of a comprehensive, transparent, sustainable budget that ensures financial stability and educational innovation for HFCSD that is clearly communicated to the public.
      • In partnership with the Superintendent, continue to move forward with Phase 1 of our approved capital project to meet our internal deadlines and come in on or under budget.
      • WIth the Superintendent, begin initial planning for a proposed Phase 2 of our Capital Project.
      • Discuss and plan the creation of a Capital Reserve to help fund taxpayer share of future Capital Projects

    Community Engagement

      • Continue to communicate and engage effectively with our community; both at Board of Education meetings and community events held at HFCSD.
      • Support the development and participation of community events that help to educate parents, students, and faculty, while developing a sense of lifelong learning.
      • With the Superintendent, support the use of multiple communication mediums to reach the largest target audience and keep our school community informed.

    Board of Education Development

      • Engage with NYS School Boards Association or a local College/University to initiate the development of a multi-year, strategic action plan. Maintain and enhance the annual BOE performance evaluation process.
      • All Board of Education members will continue to attend two professional development training sessions annually to stay well-informed of best practices and changes in education.
      • Continue to build the Board of Education’s Superintendent Evaluation process to include a mid-year performance evaluation.

    Board Docs

    Board Docs is our new online platform for accessing meeting schedules, agendas, minutes, and policies. Visit the district Board Docs page here.

    Unless noted, all meetings are held in high school.

    Public Comment

    While we welcome and invite the public into our scheduled meetings, we ask that you address the Board during a meeting in the following manner:

    • Please wait to be called upon by the Board President.
    • When called, state your full name.
    • Direct your comments to the Board; do not turn and speak to the audience.
    • Keep your comments as concise as possible.
    • Speakers are expected to treat others with respect, confining their remarks to School District issues.
    • Do not use the public speaking portions of Board meetings to make personal statements about any individual, including students, employees, or coaches.  Engaging in any commentary that is slanderous or abusive may cause the Board President to rule any speaker out of order.
    • Limit each public comment to four minutes.  Board President may limit the time of individual speakers or if multiple speakers are presenting the same viewpoint.

    Advocacy Committee Letter

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