High School to Pilot New SAT Testing for 9th and 10th Grade

Dear 9th 10th grade families,
The College Board is in the process of converting the SAT exam to an online test.  In order to be ready for this to start in the fall of 2023, they have asked high schools from around the county to pilot this new test.  Our high school will be one of the high schools who will be piloting the exam for the College Board.  On Wednesday, November 9th and Thursday, November 10th freshman and sophomores will take part in the Digital SAT In-School Research Study.  The pilot is a 2 hour low stakes test that will be used by the College Board for informational purposes only.  Individual scores are not shared with any colleges or with students.  In addition, no test accommodations can be utilized for this exam.  This is because this is a pilot and scores are not recorded or shared.     
The reason we are participating in this pilot is to prepare students for online testing, and because it exposes them to the types of questions that they will see on future College Board exams, like the PSAT.  In the past our high school only offered the PSAT  to juniors, starting next year all students in grades 9 and 11 will take the exam.  The information that they receive from the PASAT exam helps them better prepare for the SAT exam that is used by many colleges as part of their acceptance process.  Grade 10 students will take the ASVAB, an interest inventory and aptitude test used by all branches of the armed forces.    We realize that not every student will attend college or go into the military, but exposing students to these exams is important as they start to make choices about their future.  
After the exam concludes we will be taking all freshmen and sophomores on an afternoon field trip.  As I stated before, the exam is two hours in length and will conclude prior to lunch.  In order to participate in the field trip students must take part in the exam.  If for any reason you do not want your students to participate in this pilot exam please contact the guidance office here at the high school.  Thank you.